By: Jaclyn Finger



It feels like just yesterday that I nervously walked into my first PRSSA meeting as a sophomore transfer student. I knew that I was interested in PR, wanted to advance my career, and hoped I would make friends along the way. The first meeting I attended was a resume workshop. I was amazed by the impressive resume of the president at the time. I thought to myself, “Will I ever be this accomplished?” I immediately took the advice he had given about resumes to fix mine. He taught me it was all about how to spin what I have done to somehow relate it to PR and that is exactly what I did.

Because of what I had learned from not only that workshop, but the ones that I followed, I gained the courage to apply for my first internship- a campus ambassador position for a startup app. Much to my surprise, I was given the position. Getting this opportunity gave me confidence that one day I could have an impressive resume just like the president’s.

I began shining that confidence through all of my professional endeavors. I took a lead role in planning the first ever Fashion for a Cause event. After that success, I applied for an executive board position for my junior year. After undergoing an interview with 8 people in the room, I was in shock when the offered me the position as the VP of Fundraising.

Here I am, as the VP of Fundraising for the second year in a row. During this time I have been able to (or think I am) inspiring general members that are sitting there eager to learn about PR and grow as professionals. Not only am I helping them grow with the knowledge I have gained from being in PRSSA for the last few years and internships I have had, but I am going with the general members.

Without their enthusiasm to be a part of PRSSA, I would not be able to have this leadership position. I am able to execute and coordinate events, invite guest speakers, host chapter development workshops, gain public speaking qualities, and learn what it takes to be a leader and a team member. These are all skills I have taken with me to every internships and ones I plan to carry with me into the real world.

I encourage all of the PRSSA general members, who may be just as frightened as I was during my first PRSSA meeting to take control of their career, gain confidence, and put yourself in a position that will make you the one running the show someday.