By: Justine Quow




It was just about a year I was lost first year student at Rutgers, eager to get involved in any organizations that sparked my interest. At this point, I was very open minded to any club that would in the slightest bit attract my interest because that was what I wanted to get out of my experience here at Rutgers. Many times, I found myself attending the first club meetings, but never bothering to follow up. It took one conversation towards the end of the second semester of last year with a coworker of mine to find a club that I was willing to attend more than once. That organization was PRSSA. By the end of my first year here at Rutgers, I realized I wanted to be developed in some aspect of media once I graduate, and I promised myself to do whatever it takes starting now to get into that business. After I attended the first meeting early this semester, I knew that PRSSA was the perfect start for me. I am truly happy how committed, for once, I am for this club. I did not even know anything about Public Relations until becoming a member, and I am happy to say that I want to proceed a career path in this field.