By: Gilda Gutierrez




Most of us start finals this week and then we are done for the year. I honestly cannot believe graduation is just a semester away. That means I will be out in the real world in less than a year. For this reason, I am really glad I came across PRSSA and that I decided to become a member. Part of me wishes I could have joined a lot earlier but better late than never!

The members in charge have been motivating me to get out of my comfort zone just by telling their own stories. Truth is, we are all scared at one point in our lives as students and all we should do is make an effort and get involved as much as we can. I am now finishing up an internship in marketing and I am currently applying to others just to get more hands-on experience on my last semester here at Rutgers.

PRSSA members have also made me think outside the box. We are lucky enough to be so close to NYC that I now want to have my next experience in this wonderful city. I always assumed that the commute would not be worth it but hearing about other PRSSA members working as interns in the city inspires me to go for it as well.

I am really looking forward to becoming a Public Relation intern. This opportunity will be my last to learn as much as possible before graduation. I also hope I can keep on learning from other members as it is almost time for me to actually face the real world. As exciting as it sounds, it is also a bit nerve-racking. Wish me luck!